Growing Technology for average people

Our brand allow the use of technology for the regular person and small business

AP Hosting

Web hosting for the rest of us.  Custom domains and SSL certificates.  No pricing tricks like other competitors. Powerful enough for the pros, but simple enough for the non-techies.

Advanced Phase Network

Need a fresh looking website design?  We have talented staff to create new website, design your new logo, provide marketing items or provide a turn-key marketing system.  We are here to help!

T1 Wearables

Great products for diabetic electronic medical devices.  Great products to help Type 1 Diabetics utilize technology to the best extent possible.

LJG Apparel

The classy and timeless clothing brand.  Mixes of Black, whites, gray and gold quality products that can be dressed up for a go-to business look or dressed down for a clean and comfortable loungewear.

Your success is our success.

As a provider of services such as web hosting, web design, and our T1 products, we are committed on your success. 

As a small bussiness, we have excperieinced many of the issues and pain you have or will experience.  

Our network of experienced providers will provide you a key advantage against your competitors.  We can provide the specific services when you need them.

All of our services are very affordable.  Our quality services are priced so that small business can afford them.  Quality and cost are the main aspects that Advanced Phase tries to balance.


Providing key technical solutions to help individuals, small business and groups.

Let us know if there is anything that we are missing from our offerings that you would like to see.
Louis J. Gleason

Louis J. Gleason


Louis is the founder and CIO of Advanced Phase.  He has been working hard to provide solutions that he wish were around when standing up Advanced Phase, LLC. 

Joanna Jones

Joanna Jones


A company is only able to provide services if you know the services are available.  Joanna has been a key part of getting the word out about our services.

Greg Vitter

Greg Vitter


Greg has been a great addition to the team.  He has been able to bring many great talented partners to the Advanced Phase Network.  With this great network of skills, we can help your company grow quickly.

Advanced Phase, LLC .

If you need to request help from one of our specific services, please go to those websites and contact that team directly.  If there is any issues that they were unable to resolve, please feel free to contact us.  If there is something that you were looking for, but not in one of our offerings, feel free to contact us here.